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EdJoy! Program to China


An EdJoyer in China will be able to experience China to the fullest by living with a Chinese Host Family (or a foreign family that lives in China).  will provide educational assistance such as language tutoring, childcare, and carry out some light household duties. During this experience, EdJoyers will also have the chance to explore the unique aspects of Chinese culture by attending Mandarin classes, Chinese history and culture courses, EdJoy! Club activities, and much more. Please see why EdJoy! Program stands out.

Safety first

◆ We make sure every host family you live with has been pre-screened through background check, a home visit and check, and a with good social status. 


◆ We book a comprehensive insurance that well covers health, accident, liability, trip interruption/resumption, loss of passport etc.


◆ We offer 24/7 hotline in case of emergency.

Always supported
Mutual and Equal

◆ We offer online interview for you and potential host families. We respect your decisions--you will be offered the choice of interviewing with multiple families. Based on such interview you're free to make your own best decisions.


◆ We require that host families treat EdJoyers as their family member, with love and respect.


◆ We support rematch after failed mediation at all times.

A fun learning experience

◆ We provide a 3-day arrival orientation, helping you with a smooth transit to a foreign country


◆ An assigned local coordinator within placement city/region will be visiting you and your family within 72 hours upon arrival, follow up every 30 days to check in and be at your door in the event of emergency.


◆ We offer EdJoyer mentors program, and your mentors will provide you with advice and mentoring throughout the program.


◆ EdJoy! Club allows you to meet with other EdJoyers and families locally, and we'll have group meeting time.


◆ 10 hours of interactive training and lectures in a meeting room setting upon arrival.

◆ 8 classes of Mandarin Chinese (45-minute per class) and 1 cultural class every month, conducted by experienced teachers in a group environment.

◆ An education advisor that offers you consultation upon arrival, monitors mandarin class quality and provides you with learning resources.


◆ We offer other ad hoc fun activities for EdJoyers


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